LLC Taurovsky Uchastok is an industry leader

Active resource-base development, cutting-edge production and refining technologies, and an effective sales network have allowed LLC Taurovsky Uchastok to secure its place among the market leaders in Russia’s oil and gas industry, as well as playing a major role in the international oil and gas market.

How Do Our Refinery Work

In refining, attention is focussed on modernising refining capacity and improving business efficiency. LLC Taurovsky Uchastok has already completed the first phase of the extensive modernisation of its refining facilities, and has now moved on to implementing the second phase, directed at increasing refining depth to 75 percent and increasing the production of light petroleum products to 60 percent of total output by 2027.

What Do We Produce

An extensive product range, high quality, and precision logistics, LLC Taurovsky Uchastok sells wholesale and retail oil products produced at its own enterprises: gasoline, diesel fuels, motor oil and lubricants, aviation kerosene and bitumens.

LLC Taurovsky Uchastok pays special attention to the operating activity in the field of gas production and transportation, its processing volume growth and electricity generation increase at the Company’s own power plants. The most advanced equipment is used to ensure maximum performance of associated petroleum gas use in all fields of LLC Taurovsky Uchastok.


Oil Production

Strengthening and expanding the resource base is one of the Company’s strategic objectives. The sound resource base ensures the stability of production activities and achievement of targeted volumes of oil production. The Company carries out a significant volume of exploration work, extends the portfolio of licenses showing stable replenishment of oil and gas reserves.

The Company’s fields and license blocks are located in three oil and gas provinces – Western Siberia, Eastern Siberia and Timan-Pechora. When conducting exploration, the Company pays considerable attention.


Exploration Activities

LLC Taurovsky Uchastok carries out exploration works with the purpose of expanding the resource base. Exploration activities have been consistently delivering good results driven by the advanced exploration techniques and selection of the most promising areas based on research results.

LLC Taurovsky Uchastok has work and is implementing a set of research for Exploration and experimental works, as well as measures to create its own geophysical service.